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Marwari Horse Society

My compliments to the All India Marwari Horse Society for developing website of Marwari Horse Society , I am happy to note that All India Marwari Horse Society is continuing its activities for the promotion and preservation of the Marwari Horse in the country and internationally. With the efforts of All India Marwari Horse Society the Marwari Horse breed has improved in all respects. Another heartening development is the increased number of Marwari Horses participating in the horse shows and entering in class competitions.

It Is also encouraging to learn that in the horse shows at Mukatsar held by Punjab Govt., a large number of Marwari Horses participated, similarly in the State of Gujarat; the Gujarat Equestrian Association held a Marwari Horse show at Anand and entries for Judging numbered over four hundred. In Rajasthan the famous traditional Puskhar, Tilwara and Nagaur fairs have even larger numbers and have a high standard of horses participating.

The breeders of Marwari Horses have formed more number of Marwari Horse Studs. The quality of horses bred now is of good standard. The good breeding and interest of breeders in producing the high quality true to breed Marwari Horse Stock in the country has enhanced the popularity of Marwari Horses to a new level. The breeders are more enlightened and are adopting advanced technology in breeding.

The breed characters of Marwari Horses Standardised in the National Seminar in 2002 at Umaid Bhawan Palace and later confirmed in seminar on 25.11.2006 at NRCE Hisar is a great milestone to defining the standard breed characteristics of Marwari Horse.


The scientist at NRCE have completed the genotypic characterization of Marwari Horse (genetic mapping), I congratulate them for their efforts in bringing out the genotypic data characteristics.

I hope they will also soon come out with parentage testing of prestigious Marwari Horses. Another land mark achievement is the Marwari Horse Stud Book Registration Society of India. A good number of horses have been registered in the Marwari Horse Stud Book from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab and Maharastra. With the launching of All India Marwari Horse Society website the objectives, activities, available Marwari Stock for sale, and other information will be readily available to the breeders, and anyone interested in Marwari Horses.

My best wishes for preservation, and promotion and welfare of Marwari Horses and to the breeders.

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