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Marwari Horse Society

About Society

Elegant indigenous breed of Marwari Horse was near extinct, as per the FAO report. We felt it was our duty to preserve and protect this important heritage of Marwari , which plays an important economic role in the life of breeders, farmers & our ceremonials in the region.

For this reason the “All India Marwari Horse Society” was formed in 1997 with following objects:


  1. To preserve and improve the Marwari Breed of Horses.

  2. To identify and recognize the true to the breed animals in the host region(Rajasthan) and nationwide (India.)

  3. To promote the reorganization of Marwari Breed internationally.

  4. To recognize and propagate the special qualities (like loyalty, endurance etc) of the Marwari Horses nationally and internationally.

  5. To promote the equestrian potential of the breed, organizing special events for Marwari Horses in Horse shows regionally, nationally and internationally.Create and provide opportunities for other such like horse sports as endurance ride,, racing or any such financially benefiting activities for the breeders.

  6. To maintain the register of Marwari Horses and help publish Marwari Horse stud book.

  7. To operate the registration scheme of breeding stock to help to improve the standard and quality of the breed.

  8. To create marketing facilities for the sale of stock.

  9. To make beneficial scheme in coordination with Central and State Governments, Equestrian Federation of Rajasthan and India.

  10. To acquire historical and veterinary knowledge from manuscripts or otherwise and to facilitate this knowledge among breeders of Marwari Horses.

  11. To do all such other things as may be necessary for or incidental or conducive to the aims and objective of the society of allied there to.

  12. To raise funds for the society through, donations. Membership fees. Government aid, subsidies etc. For the economic viability of the society.

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