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Marwari Horse Society

Targets to Achieve

We are committed to assist and solve the problems of horse breeders and Stud farms. We are persuing the central and state government for:-

  • To have Semen Bank of Registered Marwari Horses.

  • Experts on Equine reproductive problems (Pregnancy diagnosis and Gynecological diseases).

  • To provide facilities in the initial stages to Marwari Horse Stud Book Registration Society of India in Registration of Marwari Horses to form the Stud Book of Marwari Horses .To make a panel of veterinarians to issue identification certificate.

  • To establish the Equine hospitals in country.

  • Specialist in Equine diseases.

  • To standardize and have uniform norms for judging of Marwari Horse Breed competitions throughout the country.

  • Export of Marwari Horses- Limited number of Marwari Horses should be permitted to be exported. The number of Marwari Horses permitted per year should be recommended by the members of Marwari Horse Stud Book Registration Society of India to Animal Husbandry Commissioner Govt. of India who should fix the numbers of Marwari Horse to be exported. Any Marwari Horse permitted to be exported should be registered with Marwari Horse Stud Book Registration Society of India and obtain the passport and registration certificate from Marwari Horse Stud Book Registration Society of India. The quarantine of horses should be at a suitable place which should be acceptable to the European Commission. The Govt. of India should help to find the suitable country and approve the veterinary protocols.
    The NRCE, Hisar should take up research programme to make India Piroplasmosis free. So that our horses could easily be exported.

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